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From Conceptual Spark to a Spectacular Achievement

B+RED | Work

Unilever 2023 - Coccolino - For the Love of Clothes - Fashion Days Collab.

Coccolino is mostly known as a fabric softener and consumers are less aware of the Coccolino Care – fabric detergent as part of the brand portfolio. We aimed to change that and expand product recognition.
B+RED | Work

adidas 2023 - 4DFWD FW22 - The 360 Experience

To launch the groundbreaking adidas 4DFWD running model & showcase the latest in footwear technology we gave a try-on opportunity to customers through an innovative and fun approach.
B+RED | Work

adidas 2023 - Bra Revolution

The demand for inclusivity has been answered by adidas with its most extensive collection of women's sports bras, designed to address a wide array of functions, shapes, and sizes.
B+RED | Work

adidas 2023 - Sportswear SS23 - The Full Experience

ADIDAS and SPORT DEPOT partnered to launch adidas' latest label, adidas Sportswear, targeting Gen-Z by delivering target-specific campaign executions in retail & various comms channels.
B+RED | Work

adidas 2023 - ZNE & X_PLRBOOST - Content Creation

In collaboration with Sport Depot, adidas introduced their interpretation of living 'In the Moment' with the latest adidas ZNE apparel and X_PLRBOOST footwear releases.
B+RED | Work

Carlsberg 2023 - Christmas Parties

To mark another successful year, Carlsberg celebrated achievements with three memorable Christmas parties in Shumen, Blagoevgrad, and Sofia.
B+RED | Work

Carlsberg 2023 - Zatecky - Local Content Creation

Utilize social media to transport the audience to Zatecky’s distinctive world. Develop engaging & various content planned to align with a comprehensive strategy.
B+RED | Work

Carlsberg 2023 - Tuborg - NCP '23 - Website Creation & Winners Handling

Take the lead where the excitement happens. As part of Tuborg's National Consumer Promotion for 2023, we developed a dedicated landing page to serve as the primary platform for all activation registrations.
B+RED | Work

Unilever 2023 - Hellmann’s - Good Eggs

In response to the global issue of food waste, particularly heightened during the Easter Holidays, we initiated a meaningful CSR campaign for Hellmann’s.
B+RED | Work

Unilever 2023 - Hellmann’s - Fridge Activation

Indulge in a culinary journey as Kapana Bazar transforms into a haven of taste with Hellmann’s. To ignite culinary creativity and passion with a delightful range of Hellmann’s products we created the vibrant Hellmann's zone.
B+RED | Work

adidas - 2022 & 2023 - Running Activation

Step into the world of adidas' latest running innovations at Sport Depot – one of the biggest chains of sporting goods stores in Bulgaria and their primary retail partner.
B+RED | Work

Unilever 2023 - Domestos - Home of Unstoppable

To beat the common belief that Domestos is used only for toilet disinfection and boost sales of Domestos during the Spring & Autumn cleaning period, we had to maintain a strong social media communicating product value and showcasing the practical product usage of being unstoppable in disinfection not only in the toilet but the entire home environment.
B+RED | Work

Unilever 2019 - OMO - Power of Play

Activating the OMO detergent brand through an unconventional global platform centered on celebrating DIRT – because DIRT signifies PLAY and PLAY nurtures HEALTHY KIDS.
B+RED | Work

Devin 2021 - Bizzy - Packaging Design & Campaign

Devin proudly partners with BeeOdiversity to pioneer innovative biodiversity monitoring. Transforming efforts into action, Bizzy was created – a lovable character born from a commitment to environmental stewardship.
B+RED | Work

Granini 2023 - TVC & Content Creation

Enter Granini’s world, now on global TV screens, offering viewers worldwide a glimpse into the brand's essence.
B+RED | Work

Bilities 2022 - And Baba Knows Campaign

Bulgaria's pioneering LGBTQ+ organization, Bilities, brought to life an inspiring project to amplify its mission of celebrating diversity and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights.
B+RED | Work

WWF 2020 - Wheel Ville

We created a lot of excitement with WheelVille – a strategic board game we crafted for WWF that merges sustainability with strategy, and where every decision shapes the fate of our planet.