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Unilever 2019 - OMO - Power of Play

Client: OMO
Category: Brand Activation Campaign
Timeline: 2019
Project: Power of Play with OMO
Activating the OMO detergent brand through an unconventional global platform centered on celebrating DIRT – because DIRT signifies PLAY and PLAY nurtures HEALTHY KIDS. The mission was to advocate this concept to parents and enhance awareness, ultimately setting OMO apart from its competitors and positioning it as a purpose-driven brand. Recognizing that parents are often protective and may struggle to grasp the concept of the POWER of PLAY, we tailored a social experiment, involving the launch of a fictitious eCommerce website, omgstore.bg, supposedly selling kids' stain-protective clothing. Parents seeking cleanliness for their children would consider purchasing these garments, while more liberal-minded parents would be shocked by the portrayal of sad children wrapped in plastic.

Maiko Mila played a pivotal role as the campaign’s media partner, teasing and launching the online store, igniting a lively public discussion. Customers placing orders on the website were pleasantly surprised to receive complimentary OMO samples instead of being charged. Video endorsements from campaign ambassadors were distributed across various platforms, including social media, TV, online platforms, PR channels, and in-store communications. The campaign was further amplified by a kickoff event at Margaritka, a renowned children's playground in Sofia, celebrating the revamped OMO sandbox.