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WWF 2020 - Wheel Ville

Client: WWF
Category: Game Launch/PR
Timeline: 2020
Project: Wheel Ville
We created a lot of excitement with WheelVille – a strategic board game we crafted for WWF that merges sustainability with strategy, and where every decision shapes the fate of our planet. To introduce the game, we released a unique campaign, requiring active participation to bring the game to life. Consumers could take part in the Mayor Casting Call for WheelVille. They had to tell us why they're the perfect candidate to lead the town towards a greener tomorrow. Shared their picture and responded to key questions for the WWF team to assess their fit for the position.

The most compelling candidates and their inspiring answers were featured on social media. The participant with the highest engagement was named the Lifelong Mayor of WheelVille and immortalized in the game's design. The chosen Mayor of WheelVille exemplifies eco-conscious leadership, serving as the face of change and advocating for an environmentally conscious future.