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Devin 2021 - Bizzy - Packaging Design & Campaign

Client: Devin’s Bizzy
Category: Brand Activation Campaign
Timeline: 2021
Project: The Symbol of Quality
Devin proudly partners with BeeOdiversity to pioneer innovative biodiversity monitoring. Transforming efforts into action, Bizzy was created – a lovable character born from a commitment to environmental stewardship. Through BeeOdiversity, the purity of DEVIN spring water is ensured while nurturing a love for nature in children.

Meet Bizzy, the dedicated scout we created. The concept was taken and brought to life through captivating visual representations of Bizzy, embodying the essence of Devin's commitment to excellence. Joining her journey the consumer could learn about hydration and the vital role bees play in sustaining life. Bizzy embodies The Caregiver archetype, nurturing well-being and advocating for a diverse, pure environment. With her trustworthy voice, she leads the charge of keeping nature thriving.