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Bilities 2022 - And Baba Knows Campaign

Client: Bilities
Category: PR/Brand Campaign
Timeline: Oct 2022
Project: And Baba Knows
Bulgaria's pioneering LGBTQ+ organization, Bilities, brought to life an inspiring project to amplify its mission of celebrating diversity and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights. The heart of the campaign was a video that we created and titled “And Baba Knows“. The video embraced the concept of wisdom from generations, conveying a powerful message of acceptance and love, aiming at showcasing that despite our diverse backgrounds and identities, we are all connected by our humanity.

Drawing inspiration from the campaign's tagline, “And Baba Knows...“, the project highlighted the inclusive nature of love and the significance of familial bonds transcending differences. We engaged the audience through communication snippets such as “And Baba Knows that love is to everyone’s taste. Just like banitsa.” The campaign was exclusively digital, and strategically designed to reach the mass audience while fostering meaningful conversations about diversity, acceptance, and love in Bulgarian society. Together with Bilities, we celebrated the enduring wisdom of grandmothers and the universal values of compassion and acceptance, paving the way for a more inclusive and understanding community in Bulgaria and beyond.