Project Details






March 2017

Project Brief

Superstar has been worn through decades and seen the streets change. It’s timeless and universal, but not any less iconic. For this campaign, we  focused on the idea of individuality and on the value of uniqueness. The campaign included a special partnership with lifestyle site Boyscout. The project included three articles dedicated to the Superstar history – from the birth of the model, through the hip-hop musician cult to the shoe, accenting on the Run DMC iconic role in establishing the model worldwide during the 80’s, to the latest collaborations and Spring/Summer 2017 collection. Another line of communication of Superstar included two of the leading local bloggers. The “When you wonder what to wear” blog gave a visual interpretation of the new Spring/Summer 2017 styles, while the most read local tech blogger Nixanbal shared his impressions of Superstar as part of his must-haves for the season during his attendance of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2017. The last channel incorporated in this campaign was the partnership with dance formation X Energy Crew, which shot their official 2017 photo session at the adidas Originals store, wearing the latest collection. The campaign had a huge impact on influencers’ social media.