Project Details




Baby Dove


May 2017

Project Brief

Raise awareness and credibility to the message: “There’s no perfect moms. Only real ones.”Spread the news about the local launch of the Baby Dove range. Create buzz and inspire mothers. Prior to the launch, we got the approval of the Bulgarian Paediatrician Association (BPA) for the range and the right to use the BPA logo in all communication materials. One of the main goals of the campaign was to raise Baby Dove skin care credentials and to generate brand trust / advocacy to inspire self-confidence amongst new mothers. The key focus of the Baby Dove PR campaign was on baby care editors, mommy bloggers and a mix of influencers. The starting point of the campaign was the Baby Dove launch event. The launch event reflected the idea that motherhood isn’t about perfection, it’s about celebrating imperfection. It is by sharing the different experiences of real mothers that a mother begins to see there is no “perfect” way… and to trust her own way. The launch was held at an art space located in the heart of downtown Sofia and gathered more than 35 journalists, bloggers and influencers. The evaluation of the generated Baby Dove articles exceeded more than 3 times the launch event budget.