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UNICEF & Association of European Journalists in Bulgaria


April 2018

Project Brief

PROBLEM: In the hidden world of child’s pain the media very often invade uninvited.

The journalism is still not responsible enough and does not quite respect children’s rights and their vulnerability. Vulnerability that media are obliged to report ethically.

SOLUTION: UNICEF & AEJ Bulgaria joint efforts in the mission „Ethical reporting” to create the first Manual that meets the Bulgarian professionals with the established best practices on the world’s media stage. The purpose of the Manual is to lead the media in the right direction: protection of children's rights and preventing the incorrect usage of messages and images in the media when it comes to children at risk.

CHALLENGE: But how can we create a conceptual visual which shows what the unethical is without being unethical itself? How can we show the bad examples without being one? How can we make journalists understand us without being literal?

EXECUTION: According to a theory in order for someone to be a full expert in one field they have to devote approximately 10 000 hours. And every single one of us has 18 years or 160 000 hours experience as a child.

We chose a young artist, who is also an illustrator of children’s books and is famous of his ability to understand children’s world with empathy to create the visual language of the Manual. We united the power of Illustrations and the Bulgarian font Addis /which is developed specially for people with dyslexia/ to create the language that gives way to the ethics. The ethics that doesn’t emphasize on the different people. The ethics that knows how to talk to those people without hurting or discriminating them.

The Manual was presented to the Bulgarian journalists on a special press conference.

Today, media already know that children at risk are not a sensation. They are responsibility.