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March - July 2018

Project Brief


The first master brand campaign for CIF on the Bulgarian market. The cleaning products category is at first sight comparatively boring. Making the CIF brand standing out is a real challenge. CIF’s global mission is to ‘Maintain the cleanness & beauty around us’ so we’ve decided to bring aesthetics & shift not only in our homes, but also in the urban environment and in the minds of people we wanted to reach.

It is a sad truth that the Bulgarian urban environment consists of so many dirty, abandoned and ugly places in every city.A sad reminder that these places used to be part of the urban culture. Masterpieces of ugliness & dirt. Here comes CIF to bring the change and transform dirty into clean & ugly into beautiful. To create urban masterpieces.

CONCEPT: ‘Urban masterpieces with Cif’

A 360º-campaign with a National coverage. Main platform: where people were challenged to either upload a photo of a place in Bulgaria they wanted CIF’s crew to clean & transform into an urban masterpiece, or vote for already uploaded photos of such places.

Cif embraced the cause for a cleaner and more beautiful urban environment. Over 10 000 votes supported the initiative "clean and beautify with CIF". 48 urban places participated in the campaign. Four of them were cleaned and transformed into urban masterpieces.

“Mini urban cinema“ in Knyazheska Garden, Sofia marked the campaign launch with a special media event. Three more abandoned places got a brand new look based on votes:

  • “Pop-up Reading House“ in Sevlievo city park
  • Art Velostop in front of “Sofia” Theatre
  • Cultural Storytelling Wall in Plovdiv underpass

CIF changed the urban environment and people’s mindset. To leave a better legacy for the future