Project Details






June 2017

Project Brief


The new luxury model of Volkswagen - Arteon - was presented in Sofia with an art installation, spectacular performance and an especially developed 360°virtual reality which dramatized the experience of every Arteon driver in the city. Figuratively speaking, Arteon owns the ‘stop-and-stare’ feature – no one remains indifferent and everyone turns after this new street fighter.

Arteon has a dual nature. In a very unique way it combines masculine courage, muscular relief and competitivehustle on the one hand and art, finesse and elegance - on the other.

This inimitable combination was presented by an art performance of modern ballet, in which the male and female beginnings look at each other as in a mirror. The dance performance took place at the spotlight of an unique art installation, made of 12 km golden thread.



What does it mean to be in the spotlight? As technology progresses, everyone has the opportunity to put themselves in other people's shoes, even to experience what it is like to be an athlete or a celebrity. Volkswagen demonstrated this by a specially developed 360° Virtual Reality, which turns you into one minute in the main character not only of the video but of the city. Wearing the VR glasses, you can personally experience what it is like to be a star that everyone looks at.

Technically, the video combined 3 innovative shooting technologies: VR 360, one-shot and reverse.

It was shot in a restaurant of a well-known hotel in Sofia where the VR glasses were left after the shooting to be used also on spot for a further contribution to the realism of the experience and the amazing effect.