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February - March 2017

Project Brief

To create excitement about a food product like margarine, which is normally perceived as mass commodity positioned in a specific segment of the market, is more than a challenge for an advertising agency. Having 3 different hero products on focus and trying to unite them under one concept and at the same time distinguish them according to various consumption occasions makes task not easier.

Our approach: stay in line but stand out visually. We’ve designed and produced over 400 000 promotional lids, using strong, bright and very distinguishable on the shelf colours. We followed 1 visual line but still managed to relevantly differentiate the 3 Kaliakra products. The purchase-related mechanic for the national-scale campaign was very easy-to-participate and managed to engage target with the chance to win appealing prizes. The specially developed Facebook Application as a platform for participation was reached by 11 620 registrations. Total 410 winners were personally handled on a weekly bases and were left with the most positive image of the Kaliakra brand possible.