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To be in charge of the brand image for one of the most powerful brands in the world such as adidas, is the dream of every agency in advertising. Responsibilities are countless, the objective is one: create awareness for the new adidas Sport Performance & adidas Originals collections on a monthly basis throughout global guide-based and cost-effective executed visibility in the adidas stores. Following the adidas annual Marketing Plan, we update window brandings and in-store materials for total 14 concept stores, 15 franchise stores and 8 outlet stores every month. We regularly step into the depths of visual merchandizing guidelines to create attractive and premium window brandings and visibility on the point of sale, comforted with the unique product order for every store. We also create interactive brand corners / launch zones where target customers will experience the added value of the brand. To also generate traffic to the adidas stores, engaging local activations are executed during every brand campaign.