Project Details






May 2016

Project Brief

Merging the best of the past and present, the Tubular Runner shoe builds on the legacy of the original Tubular from 1993. The strategy behind the PR campaign aimed to establish Tubular as a fashion statement item and to enhance the relationships with influencers showing Tubular as one of the most desired sneakers on the market. We selected several channels to build the campaign. The first was - a leading urban digital destination which tells stories of culture, style, social life, entertainment and people. For it, we created exclusive video content with Nu Soul / Nu Jazz / Funk Musician Ruth Koleva. The second channel was – online pop culture magazine. There, we presented the new Tubular model with a special photo session featuring award-winning athlete Ivan Minchev. Additional media channels included, where we presented the new styles through leading influential fashion stylist and designer Antoniya Yordanova, and society, culture and lifestyle website in which we showcased the Tubular sneaker through an advertorial with a radio presenter, musical producer and DJ Martin Lepoev. In addition, the articles generated viral social media content.